Grilled Cheese Please!

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Amongst the constant drain of political unrest that we have all experienced over the past nine days in Madison, Wis. I thought I’d avoid the expected political blog post and postpone it for when I have some time to edit my footage and photos into something worthwhile.

In the meantime, let’s talk grilled cheese. I ended up writing this off the top of my head whilst applying for an online-foodie writing gig on a whim and I think it’s a valuable read. Mostly just because it has to do with cheese and bread and if those aren’t criteria for a valuable read I don’t know what is.

Courtesy of The Grilled Cheese Academy and Google Images

A grilled cheese is a classic American staple. Plop some margarine in a pan, grab two pieces of white bread, place a slice of American cheese in the middle and voila, you’ve got yourself a grilled cheese. The classic American grilled cheese has had roots in our country for over 90 years but the Wonderbread/Kraft Singles version is no longer holding up to its gourmet counterparts. The Grilled Cheese Academy of Wisconsin dedicates itself to exploring the art of the grilled cheese. The website takes you through a mouthwatering slideshow of featured grilled cheese recipes. From the Bianca, a sweet grilled cheese with cinnamon raisin bread, dulce de leche and Wisconsin mascarpone to the Heartland with Wisconsin Aged Cheddar, Baby Swiss and caramelized onions, the Grilled Cheese Academy is not for amateurs. The self-proclaimed “institution dedicated to deliciousness” inspired local chefs like Tory Miller of Graze to feature a Grilled Cheese Academy grilled cheese on the menu. After all, we are America’s Dairyland. So go ahead and ditch the American cheese and try something a little more creative next time you’ve got that craving for some old-fashioned comfort food.


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