Work Samples

Below you will find a variety of work samples. Click on the titles in bold to download the attachment.

A mock integrated marketing campaign book for the Chevrolet Volt

During a semester long project I served as the Account Director in a mock 5-person agency. Using Simmons Choices 3 I identified our primary, secondary and tertiary target markets. Based on these target markets I created a branding strategy for the campaign. Our campaign won the class vote for the best campaign of the semester. Below, you will find a copy of the campaign book which my creative director and I designed using InDesign.

A mock interactive digital media campaign for Rayovac batteries

In an Interactive Media Studies class I undertook the project of doing a semester long campaign to increase sales of Rayovac batteries by leveraging online media platforms. Throughout the campaign I developed a Flash ad, used SEM (google and Facebook), learned how to do media buys on Hulu and Pandora, implemented basic social media tactics and created mobile and out of home initiatives as well. In addition, I created a SEO strategy, including an optimized landing page.

A website exploring ethical and legal considerations of the controversial website

A feature story about the Slow Food movement on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Living Locally in Madison

An audio package about Slow Food-UW and University of Wisconsin Dining Services

Slow Food on Campus

A few samples of graphic design work I have done for class projects:

*These are not actual advertisements

A video about Madison, Wis. native Robert Pierce and Slow Food UW-Madison’s farm workday.

An informative video on Capital Brewery located in Madison, Wis.

A sample press release about a Milwaukee gun control lawsuit (fictitious)

Press Release Sample

An essay about the role of Spanish in the global world.

El rol del espñol en el mundo global

A research paper about social bias and framing in the 1955 press coverage of Emmett Till.

Press Coverage of Emmett Till


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